Sapiens Intelligence

Fall 2019
Behavior Mapping & Prediction Solution

Founded in 2018, Sapiens Intelligence Corporation Limited envisions to be a leading international AI SaaS provider assisting our clients to understand their customers’ intents and needs based on our patent-pending heuristic data analytics technology. Led by academics of various backgrounds, our signature product ‘Sapiens’ is the world’s first solution capable to generate an all-rounded personality and trait portfolio of users, through comprehending and consolidating human behaviors based on activities on personal devices. While a lot of industries, including banks and retailers, have launched different tools aiming at collecting consumer behavior so to understand more about their customers and provide advice, none of this tool actually analyzes real data generated from human beings themselves in a natural and unbiased environment – such as daily conversations, social media feed and casual sharing; causing merchants not having full understanding of their clients. Our solution thus solves this problem via analysis of traits of real life. This does not only help provide merchants a full understanding of their clients, but also corresponding advice could be provided without human’s involvement.