Spring 2018 Tokyo Demo Day

March 22, 2022

Tokyo Demo Day of Spring 2018 season took place on 25th June at Dock Toranomon. 21 startups from Japan, Korea, Taiwan, and Singapore pitched and exhibited to over 100 guests from various industries.


  • Orange Fab Tokyo: Amegucmi, Empath, Hachi Tama, ListenField, Monit
  • Orange Fab Seoul: Aromeo, Bisecu, Braillist, Mangoslab, Sky Labs
  • Orange Fab Taipei: DT42, Nestech, Space Apes, UmboCV, Velodash, Whatsquare
  • CCEI: Astera, Ciot, Paint Pam
  • Pitch Competition in Singapore: EkkBaz, Movel AI

After the pitches, the winner of the season selected by a vote from audiences was announced as below.

Spring 2018 Season Tokyo Demo Day Winner: Space Apes

Space Apes aims to solve the problem of water scarcity and enhance drinking water quality. Its AQR device extracts water from the air. The device is light, easy to transport and operate, and requires no electricity.

After the announcement, the audiences visited booth of the 21 startups followed by a cocktail party.