Spring 2018 season Startups

March 22, 2022


  • Amegumi: OS for budget smartphone
  • Empath: Emotion AI, identifying emotion from the voice
  • Hachi Tama: Smart CAT Toilet “TOLETTA“
  • ListenField: API ecosystem to generate predictive insights to farmers
  • Monit: Smart Care Solution for the enfant and the elderly people


  • Aromeo : IoT aroma diffuser programmable by mobile phone and preset
  • Bi-secu : IoT bike lock device with simple installation
  • Braillist : Braille typing device with the control of handset
  • Cochlear : Artificial Intelligence engine analyzing surroundings by sound recognition
  • Sky-Labs : Finger ring type wearable device measuring health status 24/7


  • DT42 : Machine vision on edge devices
  • Nestech : Access control systems for smart home/hotel
  • UmboCV : Autonomous AI-driven video security
  • Velodash : Gamified group cycling app
  • Whatsquare : AI personalization engine tailored for retail