Seoul innovation demo day season 10 | 19th September 2019

March 22, 2022

Orange Fab Asia in Seoul held its season 10 demo-day on 19th of September at Seoul Startup Hub (biggest start-up incubation facility of Seoul city) with French Tech Seoul and KITA (Korea International Trade Association).

A total of 19 start-ups from 5 countries (Korea, Japan, Taiwan, Italia, Austria) pitched and showcased their products in front of more than 120 participants.

3 start-ups from Orange Fab Asia in Seoul

  • EMTAKE : Affordable thermal camera sensor module and camera for B2B and B2C
  • NexWill : Software solution analyzing Cause of the Call Failure for Efficiency of Call Centers
  • OliveUnion : Affordable FDA approved Smart Hearing Aid

3 start-ups from Orange Fab Asia in Tokyo

  • Empath : Identify Emotion from the Voice in Real-time
  • Lizuna : Helping e-Commerce Merchants detect Fraud and prevent Fraudulent orders
  • Zenport : Visualization tool for international trade

2 start-ups from Orange Fab Asia in Taipei

  • Funtek : In-app instant messaging solution can be launched by QR code scan
  • RiceEar : Compact Air purifier with Nano Technology “Healthy Air to Go”

1 start-up from Seoul Startup Hub

  • BluePrintLAB : Eyewear recommendation and virtual fitting service with face scanning and AI technology

4 start-ups from KITA

  • ICON.AI : UI/UX for Smart Display Speaker and smart mirror
  • LetinAR : Novel Optical Solution for AR Smartglasses
  • P&C Solution : VR simulator and contents
  • Seerslab : Augmented Reality Technology and Contents

3 promising local start-ups applied to Fab Seoul Season 11 who finally not selected

  • Dtonic : Cost effective / High speed Spatio-temporal Big data Boosting engine
  • ToryWorks : Global Multi Language Comics Platform
  • Acuris : Smart Sound Masking System to neutralize noise

1 Italian Start-up

  • Mash & Co : Contents and Digital Experience for Social Impact

2 Austrian Start-ups from GIN(Global Incubator Network) Austria

  • Carployee : Carpool matching for company employees with Reward
  • Goodbag : NFC embedded Smart Reusable Shopping Bag with reward

After the pitches from start-ups, newly selected 6 teams in season 11 was announced with 1 minute pitch from each teams.

6 Startups selected for Orange Fab Asia in Seoul Season 11

  • Brilliant & Company : World smallest portable air quality sensor
  • Circulus : The humaniod type companion as personal robot for one-person households or customer services.
  • Safeware Inc. : Wearable airbag system and safety monitoring platform
  • Seadronix Corp. : AI-based autonomous or assistance system for ship and port
  • WELT : smart waist belt to measures waist size and activities
  • Xtaypro : Sharing economy platform in logistics connects international travellers and locals