Orange Fab Asia held the pitch competition in Sydney on July 10th

July 16, 2018

Orange Fab Asia runs the 3-month program in three countries in Asia, and would have been keen to expand its network to other Asian countries in different ways than in the 3 countries. Followed by Singapore, where we have held the pitch competition 4 times in the last 3 years, Orange Fab Asia held the first pitch competition in Sydney, Australia jointly with Innovation Dojo, which provides a program, a platform and a community connecting students and entrepreneurs with world class mentors and opportunities across JAPAC.

Joshua Flannery, the CEO of Innovation Dojo kicked-off the event. The 11 startups who passed screening pitched to over 70 audiences. After the pitches, Orange Fab Asia and Innovation Dojo selected the winner during presentation by JETRO. Jason Hayes, Partner of PWC, who provided us with the event venue, announced the winner, who will be invited to the Orange Fab Asia Tokyo Demo Day to be held on November 2018. After the announcement, the participants enjoyed a networking with finger food and drinks.

Winner: Tiliter, automatic product identification at the supermarket checkout

Other 10 startups who pitched at the event are as follows.

  • V-KAIWA, Immersive Natural Language Learning
  • Forcite, Helmets that see things before they happen
  • KADA, Knowledge sharing and collaboration software for Data Analytics teams
  • LENS Immersive, Multi dimensional access to 4K+, video and 3D data, anywhere, anytime
  • Arludo, Education applications for mobile devices that turn teachers into science experts and students into practicing scientists
  • Dotd, Making Compliance Small for SMEs and Startups
  • Stirling Labs, Designers, engineers, management & trades to meaningfully collaborate
  • Tekuma, One-handed six-degrees-of-freedom tactile control for drones, robots & other devices
  • StatusZero, A skills measurement system which tracks peoples’ capabilities on a common scale
  • Chironix, Leveraging human-robot synergies to enhance capability