Monthly updates, March 2017 (Tokyo)

March 22, 2022

ABEJA (Season 1) established a subsidiary, ABEJA SINGAPORE PTE. LTD. to expand the business in ASEAN region

ASEAN is a very attractive market for ABEJA with high growth rate in retail industry which ABEJA Platform for Retail targets. Along with the launch of a branch, ABEJA enters in growing cities in ASEAN including Singapore to aim at expanding the business by acquiring new opportunities. In addition to marketing ABEJA Platform for Retail, it plans to develop and provide services in PaaS business partnering with local companies and foreign companies entering into ASEAN market. (Japanese only)

ABEJA also announced fundraising from and partnership with Itochu and Toshiba Tec in this month.

Secual (Season 5) provides its security service to National Museum of Nature and Science, Tokyo for secure exhibition at “TREASURES of the Natural World Best of London’s Natural History Museum”

“TREASURES of the Natural World Best of London’s Natural History Museum” runs from March 18th to June 11th by selecting about 370 exhibitions including Archeopteryx from Natural History Museum. The National Museum values several advantages of Secual compared to existing magnet type sensors such as it detects problems before opening or closing exhibition cases by detecting vibration on the case, is easy to find detected points immediately, and takes short time to install with flexibility for where to put it since wiring is not required. (Japanese only)

Eyes, JAPAN (Season 2) and Cerevo (Season 6) were invited to Bizz & Buzz, digital festival in Alsace

The two startups participated in the startup exhibition at La cité du train in Mulhouse, the largest train museum in France with other 14 French companies on 7th evening. Eyes, JAPAN exhibited Fukushima Wheel, a smart bike with environmental sensor and LED light on a wheel. and Cerevo demonstrated Tipron, a transforming projection robot. Mr. Jean Rottner, Mayor of Mulhouse city visited a booth of the both startups to ask many questions and discuss how the city could collaborate with the startups.