Monthly Update, September 2021 (Tokyo)

October 5, 2021

1. Liberaware (Season 10), a developer of small drones for industrial use, raises new funding of 420 million yen

Bonds Investment Group as the lead investor and Toppan Printing, ORIX, Central Security Services, Miyako Capital, and Drone Fund as subscribers, it raised approximately 420 million yen through a third-party allotment. IBIS, a small drone developed by Libereware that specializes in indoor spaces, is increasingly being used in the steel, electric power, and construction industries to inspect facilities and collect data on structures. Inquiries for autonomous flying drones are increasing, such as progress management at construction sites, regular checks in factories, inventory management in warehouses, and patrol security for indoor facilities. With this funding, we will refine our drone and image processing technologies, increase and update the production of IBIS, commercialize autonomous drones, develop AI, and build a foothold for overseas expansion.

2.  Spider Labs (Season 12), provider of Spider AF, an anti-adfraud tool, raises a Series B round of approximately 550 million yen

Spider Labs raised 550 million yen in a Series B led by Headline Asia, Mitsubishi UFJ Capital, Darwin Venture Management, and Golden Asia Fund. Spider AF detected an estimated 3.95 billion yen in ad-fraud damage over a six-month period (July 1, 2020 to December 31, 2020), and the damage in Japan is expected to be dozens of times greater. In addition, digital advertising will be added to the scope of the Digital Platform Transaction Transparency Act that will be enforced from 2022 onward, and the rules for the opaque digital advertising industry will be improved. Spider Labs aims to expand the business of “Spider AF” under the mission of “Building a Safer and Happier future with Automation” to eliminate fraud occurring on the Internet and to solve social issues.

3. Home and Town security platform, Secual (Season 5) fundraised from Zenrin Future Partners

Secual was founded with the vision of “making the use of technology more casual” and the desire to change home security into something more accessible and easy for everyone to use. Since then, we have released “NiSUMU,” Japan’s first integrated service for smart towns, and “Secual Smart Pole,” a next-generation streetlight that delivers peace of mind to entire towns. At the same time, we are building the foundation of the Secual platform for collaboration with various services via urban OS. (in Japanese)

4. tb innovations invests in Future Standard (Season 7) to expand solution offering using video analysis AI

tb innovations Inc., a member of Tokyo Boeki Group, has invested in Future Standard. Future Standard is a company that develops and operates “SCORER,” a platform specializing in the field of video analysis AI, based on the vision of “making technology from around the world available to people around the world. SCORER” is a platform that makes system development using video analysis AI “cheaper, faster, and easier” by combining the latest technologies related to cameras and video like blocks, and is currently being used in various industrial fields such as nursing care, civil engineering, and construction.

TB-eye, a member of the Tokyo Boeki Group, has a high market share in the security camera-related field in Japan and a nationwide sales network. By further promoting business collaboration with Future Standard, TB-eye will accelerate the provision of solutions using video analysis AI to the entire security-related market and create a “future standard” in the security industry. (in Japanese)

5. Disaster prevention tech startup Spectee (Season 2) has fundraised from NEC Capital Solutions

Spectee Pro delivers disaster information analyzed from SNS and weather data in real time, and also provides AI-based analysis and prediction information using cameras installed on rivers and roads, satellite data, etc. It is currently being adopted by many local governments and companies for disaster prevention, BCP, safety of transportation and logistics, and supply chain risk management, and is the No. 1 SNS-based disaster prevention and crisis management solution in Japan in terms of market share and satisfaction. (in Japanese)

6. Rakuten Securities launches “Additional Login Authentication Service” using Super One-time Password technology developed by BankGuard (Season 4)

The “Additional Login Authentication Service” to be launched this time is based on the Super One Time Password (patent number JP6005890) technology of BankGuard. After entering your login ID and password, you will receive an additional image sent to your registered e-mail address. Passwords for two-factor authentication are generally numeric, but by using hundreds of different images rather than 10 numbers from 0 to 9, it is more difficult to duplicate a fake login screen, thus creating a highly secure authentication code, which is expected to be more effective in preventing phishing scams. By using this service, the risk of unauthorized access can be reduced even if the login ID and password are known to a third party. (in Japanese)