Monthly Update September 2018 (Tokyo)

October 4, 2019

1. Marubeni Corporation acquires a stake in WASSHA (Season 5), entering into the community-based power business in Tanzania

The amount is not disclosed, but Marubeni’s investment will be worth roughly a 21% share in WASSHA. WASSHA contributes to the regional electrical power supply through sub-divided electrical power. WASSHA’s business targets community-based general stores, which supply daily necessities and support 76% of Tanzania’s population without access to electricity. WASSHA provides the Kiosks with solar panels, charging equipment, and rechargeable LED lights for free, and sells “charging tickets” by which the Lanterns are charged with solar power and rented to end users. Marubeni is one of the largest general trading agencies in Japan.

2. Video analytics platform, Future Standard (Season 7) receives investment from TIS, a system integrator

TIS plans to utilize video analytics platform, “SCORER” of Future Standard for various areas such as robotics, smart city, smart building, security, and manufacturing sites where demand for video analytics using AI is expected to grow in order to provide services swiftly. TIS also aims to contribute in open innovation by linking SCORER and other startups in which TIS’s AI-focused corporate venture fund, AI-CVC will invest in the future. (in Japanese)

3. AlpacaJapan Raised JPY647mil Series-A Round & JPY100mil 7years SME Loan

AlpacaJapan, a Tokyo-based Fintech Startup building AI Solution Business Platform and Database Technology for global capital markets, announced the closing of JPY647M (5.7M USD) Series-A round and raising of a JPY100M 7years SME Loan. These funds will be used to accelerate the development of “AlpacaForecast”, a platform that predicts market move, “AlpacaRadar/Search”, a new product that predicts market risk anomaly between cross assets and “AI Prediction Matrix”, Apps that was launched with Bloomberg (App Portal) this May end. The company continues to make a clear commitment to hire talented individuals from the global pool across various functions.

4. Health tech startup, FiNC (Season 6) raises 5.5B Yen (48M USD) to reach over 10B Yen finance in total

FiNC focuses on preventive healthcare and AI technology. It raises about 5.5 Billion Yen of fundraising to accelerate development of AI technology such as Deep learning and Machine learning for behavioral transformation in exercise, nutrition, and sleep as well as marketing, global expansion, hardware development, and M&A. (in Japanese)

5. Sony Business Solutions starts to resell Spectee (Season 2), SNS real-time news delivery service

Spectee is a real-time news service which AI analyze contents posted on SNS and automatically extract necessary information from them. Searching Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube, it collects text, image, and video relevant for designated matters in real-time. Sony Business Solutions has been providing solutions to customers in broadcasting industry for many years and through the sales partner agreement, it will provide solutions with higher value to them. Moreover, other than broadcasting, it aims to provide the service in various ways such as marketing activities to gather word of mouth information about brand’s own products or claims, gathering opinions about tourism destination or gifts, or checking condition in disasters. (in Japanese)