Monthly update, September 2017 (Tokyo)

October 3, 2017

1. BONX (Season 6) partners with WebImpact to launch BONX for BUSINESS

BONX develops and sells extreme communication gear, BONX Grip, which enables group conversations between outdoor athletes. Since its launch last year, BONX has received many inquiries from various industries such as construction, commercial facilities, shops, and traffic industry for utilizing the earphone. BONX therefore reformed the product for the business uses. As a partner, Webimpact provides customization, integration, and maintenance taking advantage of its long term experience of business services. (in Japanese)

2. ABEJA (Season 1) starts providing a beta version of ABEJA Platform for partners

ABEJA started providing ABEJA Platform beta which links with IoT devices and network to acquire, store, and learn big data to execute and give feedback to the system utilizing deep learning to companies in the Partner Ecosystem. ABEJA plans to launch its official version on February 2018.

Press release (in Japanese)

3. Aquabit Spirals (Season 3) won the first prize at Fujitsu Cross Industry API Contest

Aquabit Spirals won the prize among 11 selected finalists. The contest recruits ideas for new businesses using Fujitsu’s APIs.

Press release (in Japanese)

4. Blincam (Season 5) won golden pass award at Tribe Tokyo 2

We are proud that we won golden pass award at Tribe Tokyo 2. Tribe Tokyo is an international summit that emphasizes business, academic, technological and cultural collaboration between top executives across Japan, China, The United States, and the World. The Tribe Tokyo International Summit is held four times a year, each time in Tokyo and exemplifies the commercial, academic, cultural and technical interests of the representatives gathered for objectives related to investment, research, and collaborative meetings and discussions.