Monthly Update, October 2021 (Tokyo)

November 2, 2021

1. Locarise (Season 1) fundraised from Logly Investment to strengthen development and sales of SIGNAL, 3C prevention solution

The purpose of this fundraising is to invest in sales force to sell “SIGNAL”, a strategic 3 Cs (crowd places, closed spaces, and close-contact settings) prevention solution built on our main services, TRAFFIC and LOCATE, to the market under the Covid pandemic, as well as development and hiring engineers to strengthen the product. Logly Investment is a strategic investment arm of Logly, which operates native ads platform, LOGLY Lift.

2.  With KDDI, Tokushima Bus, and Jenoba, Aquabit Spirals (Season 3) started PoC of automatic fare calculation using GNSS and smartphone payment system

From October 15 to January 31, 2022, the four companies begin Japan’s first verification experiment in which fares will be automatically calculated, and payments will be made by holding a smartphone over a short-range wireless communication plate.

Specifically, the system will combine bus location information obtained by high-precision GNSS positioning using satellites and information from users who hold their smartphones over NFC plates installed inside buses to determine the bus stops where they get on and off on the cloud, automatically calculate bus fares, and provide a cashless payment service using credit cards.

3. HACARUS (Season 12) and Osaka Gas jointly develop automatic determination software to detect location of underground pipes

HACARUS, a developer and provider of AI solutions for industry, and Osaka Gas announced the development of “AI automatic determination software” that can automatically determine the location of underground buried pipes. The idea is to streamline the survey of underground pipes by applying the know-how of skilled technicians to AI. The software is released by Osaka Gas through Nippon Signal on October 1. (in Japanese)

4. Spectee (Season 2) partners with KameraOne, The Netherlands based news video contents distribution platform

Its AI-based disaster and crisis management solution, Spectee Pro collects and analyzes disaster and crisis management information in real time from a variety of data, including SNS information, weather, and traffic-related information, and provides this information to government agencies, local governments, and private companies.

In addition, Spectee partnered with the Associated Press in 2017 and Reuters in 2019 to provide the world’s media with UGC (user-generated content) related to disasters and emergencies occurring around the world, after processing the necessary rights. Through this partnership with KameraOne, we aim to expand our UGC business in Europe. This partnership brings Spectee’s total number of overseas business partners to seven. (in Japanese)