Monthly update, October 2017 (Tokyo)

October 31, 2017

1. Spectee (Season 2), news video aggregator for press, snags $2.3M series B for global push

Tokyo-based Spectee, the startup behind the artificial intelligence(AI)-powered platform offering news materials based on social media analytics, announced today that it has fundraised 260 million yen (about $2.3 million US) in a series B round. This round was led by YJ Capital with participation from Kyodo News Images, Mizuho Capital, Arco Partners, Quaras (an ad agency of Japanese media conglomerate Fuji Sankei Group), Makoto Naruke (former president of Microsoft Japan, angel investor now), and an unnamed angel investor.

2. Chikaku (Season 7) collaborates with Nomura Securities to provide Mago Channel service to Nomura’s customers

As the first step, Nomura Securities provides 3000 units of Mago Channel at 7 sales offices from October 16th. Mago Channel is a communication tool with a dedicated device and app to display video or pictures on TV screen to share daily life of family or growth of grandparents across generations or distance. (in Japanese)

3. Eyes, JAPAN (Season 2) starts road safety campaign with UberEATS and Ogilvy & Mather Japan in Tokyo

Food deliver service, UberEATS lets delivery partners to deliver food from restaurants to users using bicycle or scooter. During the campaign from October 24th to November 12th, The bicycles of UberEATS deploy Eyes, JAPAN’s gyrokinetic LED system on the wheel to run in the service area to promote road safety with digital animation designed for the campaign. (in Japanese)

4. ABEJA (Season 1) provides ABEJA Platform for Retail to PARCO_ya

Over 420 shops have installed ABEJA Platform for Retail, deep learning based SaaS platform dedicated for retail industry. PARCO_ya will be opened on November 4th at Ueno in Tokyo with 68 tenants. PARCO_ya decided to use the service to verify the effectiveness of marketing campaigns or events which it runs. To be precise, cameras to measure number of visitors and to detect gender and ages will be deployed at each tenant area and the data will be analyzed with AI and visualized in real time to be shown on its web or mobile app. Tenants could optimize staffing and product displays with the data.