Monthly Update, November 2021 (Tokyo)

December 7, 2021

1. Coinbase to acquire India’s Agara (Season 13) for over $40 million

Coinbase is acquiring the startup Agara, which operates an AI-powered customer support platform, as the cryptocurrency exchange looks to make it easier for users to join the service and seek assistance.

Agara has built deep expertise in machine learning and natural language processing that it uses to improve user experience. The startup, which employs over 40 people, has amassed several larger customers across the globe and offers integrations with a number of popular services such as Salesforce, Shopify and Twilio. After the acquisition, Agara will shift focus to Coinbase.

2.  Medical IT startup, Holoeyes (Season 9) announced fundraising from MEDIPAL Holdings

Holoeyes is a medical IT venture founded by surgeons and engineers in October 2016, providing medical image processing software “Holoeyes MD “, a program that provides computer processing of image information obtained from diagnostic imaging devices such as CT and MRI for medical treatment. This product has the ability to process three-dimensional images, and can also be used in conjunction with a head-mounted display to present images spatially.

MEDIPAL HOLDINGS has set the creation of a digital healthcare platform as one of its new business initiatives, and by collaborating with MEDIPAL HOLDINGS, we aim to further accelerate the social implementation of our services.

Holoeyes will participate in the Meet & Connect to be held on December 9th as one of the pitching startups. (in Japanese)

3. meleap (Season 11) and Horipro Inc. sign capital and business alliance agreement to accelerate growth of the Techno Sport HADO!

Ever since its inception in 2014, HADO has witnessed its rapid growth to have been played by more than 2.5 million people as expanding its franchise business to 80 locations in 36 countries around the world as of July 2021. The future of sports has also taken the steps to a totally next level since 2020 to launch a ‘‘Player & Viewer Engagement Platform’’ with Japanese idol as HADO players to encourage fans to join the games via a dedicated app to watch and cheer on their favorite teams by Augmented Reality.

Sharing the business philosophy of giving courage and happiness to everyone around the globe even in this insecure era, the two businesses being in the forefront of the entertainment industry have started the new partnership for the following businesses:

1. Cultivate, educate, and manage HADO player base to develop solid HADO talents, based on the experiences and know-hows developed by Horipro as the entertainment expertise
2. Create holy ground of HADO by hosting three major HADO leagues at the entertainment facility in front of Kawasaki station that Horipro produces and that completed in the spring of 2023
3. Collaborate in the development of new HADO content
4. Collaborate in selling event business by using HADO contents.

meleap also announced a grand opening of the world’s largest HADO arena in Shenzhen.

4. ABEJA (Season 1) signed a capital and business alliance agreement with Hulic Co.

ABEJA, which realizes digital transformation in the industrial world through collaboration between AI and people, has entered into a capital and business alliance agreement with Hulic Co., Ltd. and Hulic acquired 4.9% of ABEJA’s outstanding shares on October 28, 2021 through a transfer from existing shareholders. Under the terms of the agreement, ABEJA has commenced full-scale collaboration with Hulic as a business strategy partner to promote Hulic’s efforts to strengthen its DX system centered on Bizflex, starting with the DX of the office leasing business. (in Japanese)

5. RevComm (Season 15) launched MiiTel for Zoom

MiiTel for Zoom (beta version) is a new service under the “MiiTel” brand that improves the productivity of online meetings by adding AI transcription and talk analysis functions to visualize Zoom meetings and share them internally. By linking “MiiTel” with Zoom, conversations including not only phone calls but also online meetings via Zoom can be centrally managed and stocked as an internal asset. (in Japanese)