Monthly Update, May 2022 (Tokyo)

June 3, 2022

1. Adfraud prevention tool "Spider AF" provider, Spider Labs (Season 12) launches IP blocklist service for advertising businesses

Spider Labs will launch an IP Blocklist API in May 2022 to list and block IP addresses where invalid traffic is detected. Invalid traffic is traffic that should not be included in ad performance measurements in terms of ad delivery quality. There is non-malicious traffic caused by programs such as search engine crawlers and malicious, unauthorized traffic that artificially generates impressions or clicks. (Japanese)

2. Chikaku (Season 7) launches demonstration experiment of online home-visit care in Setagaya Ward, Tokyo

Chikaku begins a demonstration experiment of online home-visit care using Chikaku's videophone in cooperation with Ankuru Corporation, a home-visit care provider. In the nursing care industry, manpower shortages area serious issue. Among these, many home-visit care providers are small-scale local businesses, and in some cases they are unable to respond to sudden requests for visits from the elderly due to manpower shortages.

In addition, in the case of the elderly who do not have access to smartphones or tablets, care providers have no means of being able to see facial color and expressions in their daily communication with such elderly. Therefore, a major challenge was how to check and guarantee the safety of the elderly while minimizing the number of visits.

Chikaku Videophone is a service that does not require any Internet settings, allowing even elderly people who are not good at using IT to easily make Videophone calls from their TVs at home. In this demonstration experiment, we will test whether the use of technology for the elderly (AgeTech) can connect elderly home care service users, their families, care providers, and care managers, reduce the burden on care providers, and increase the quality of life and satisfaction of the elderly. (Japanese) (Japanese)

3. Synspective (Season 14) conducts joint demonstrations targeting heavy rain disasters in Saga Prefecture aiming for satellite data use for disaster mitigation in local governments

The Saga Prefecture and Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency(JAXA) signed a cooperation agreement on March 22, 2021, to solve regional issues with space technologies. They have been jointly promoting various initiatives under the “Space x Regional Revitalization” to create model cases that contribute to solving issues in fields such as disaster management, agriculture, and civil engineering, and developing space businesses as well as expanding to other local governments.

In this demonstration, JAXA and Saga Prefecture worked with Synspective and SHIMAUCHI ENGINEER on enhancing disaster management including responses to heavy rains that frequently occur nationwide. We also came together to improve the accuracy of Synspective’s flood damage monitoring service and conducted operational verification for use during normal times and disaster periods.