Monthly Update, May 2020 (Tokyo)

June 4, 2020

1. Debt-based crowdfunding service, Crowdcredit (Season 5) fundraised from Marui Group and others

With its corporate mission, “connect Japanese individual investors with global credit markets”, Crowdcredit has been providing financial services in the form of “debt-based crowdfunding” to connect individual investors in Japan with financing needs in many countries. In this context, in January 2018, it began selling “Social Impact Investing” fund. In June 2018, it announced “Social Impact Investing Declaration” and positioned 2020 as the “First Year of Social Impact Investing” to promote “Financial Inclusion” by investing in companies and areas that address social issues, such as support for the poor and education issues, in our own way, and providing investment methods that achieve both economic and social returns.

The business and capital alliance with Marui Group, retail and financial company, is based on the recognition that these activities are in line with the Marui Group’s vision of “creating a world that overcomes all dichotomies through business,” and that the key to realizing this vision is “inclusion,” which no one leaves behind. (in Japanese)

2. Smart cat toilet, Toletta (Season 9) raised 100M Yen (0.9M USD) in series A round to reach 5M USD in total funding amount

In the Coronavirus environment, the startup is steadily expanding the business. One year after its March 2019 launch, the company shipped 2,400 units, which reaches the record high of the first year sales for a pet device in Japan, Hachitama, a company developing the device will promote the development of a new version of toletta 3 with the capital. (in Japanese)

3. Liberaware (Season 10), the world’s smallest industrial drone inspects the ceiling of JR Shinjuku Station

As part of the JR East Startup Program 2019, Liberaware and JR East Startup have conducted a demonstration experiment on a new method of facility inspection using IBIS, a narrow space specialized drone developed by Liberaware.

After photographing the back of the ceiling of JR Shinjuku Station by IBIS, a 3D model was generated from the video, and the condition of piping and cables was successfully checked and measured. We were able to confirm the usefulness of the use of drones and the possibility of improving the efficiency of the operation of checking the condition of the ceiling. (in Japanese)

4. IoT-based coronavirus response solution, Locarise TRAFFIC “SIGNAL” (Season 1) starts PoC at a home center, Cainz

Locarise, which provides unique insights to retail stores and commercial facilities to meet customer needs, and Crest Corporation have launched a demonstration of the new “SIGNAL” function of Locarise TRAFFIC, an IoT-based solution for dealing with new coronavirus infections, at Cainz Urawa-Misono store, a major home center.

Four Xovis 3D camera sensors with a 99% visibility rate are installed on the ceiling at the entrance and exit of Cainz Urawa Misono store. Two monitors displaying congestion status are installed at the main entrances and exits. For customers who come to the store for shopping, we can show you how crowded the store is so that you can shop with peace of mind. It is also expected to greatly reduce the risk of infection to store employees and the stress of dealing with customers. (in Japanese)