Monthly Update May 2019 (Tokyo)

March 22, 2022

1. Video analytics AI platform, Future Standard (Season 7) raised 400M Yen (3.7M USD)

Future Standard provides SCORER, AI platform for video analytics. In addition to existing investors, partner companies of SCORER Partner Program such as TIS and Toyo Tsushin Kogyo joined in the financial round to strengthen partnership as well as to expand the service to local companies and to update the foundation of the product.

SCORER reduces difficulty and cost of development of video analytics system by combining the latest technologies around camera and video like blocks. Utilizing the platform, users could start video analytics using AI without preparing development environment and algorithms from scratch (in Japanese)

2. ANA goes BONX (Season 6) for new cabin crew tech

The device, called BONX Grip, uses a combo of proprietary technology with a smart application to give people the power to speak – with a normal tone and volume – to colleagues, as though they were standing next to each other, at any distance.

The device will take the place of the airlines’ current intercom set-up to provide communication between flight attendants on the Airbus A380. The increased staff required to operate an A380 makes it the perfect case for this promising new technology. This will increase flexibility and give flight attendants more options as they work together to meet passenger needs.

3. ABEJA (Season 1) launched a new service, “ABEJA Insight for Contact Center”

Existing natural language processing models could react only stereotypically, which sometimes causes irrelevant reply to fluctuation of grammar of spoken language. Utilizing BERT, Bidirectional Encoder Representations from Transformers, which brings breakthrough for natural language processing, is expected to enable communication with very few feeling of strangeness.

ABEJA takes advantage of such latest natural language processing models and its own accumulated knowhow to improve quality of automatic communication with AI at contact centers, which allows to reduce waiting time, to eliminate unnecessary exchange, and to improve customer satisfaction. (in Japanese)

4. 4 Orange Fab Tokyo startups showcased at Viva Technology 2019 in Paris

Liberaware, indoor drone for inspection and Oton Glass, smart glasses for visually impaired people from Season 10 and meleap, AR sports and PicoCELA, Wifi multi hopping technology from Season 11 participated in Viva Technology 2019, one of the largest startup events in Europe to showcase their innovative solutions at Orange booth on May 16th.