Monthly update March 2019 (Tokyo)

March 22, 2022

1. Oton Glass (Season 10), smart glasses for visually impaired people, raises capital from JINS for business collaboration

Oton Glass develops smart glasses to expand capability to read for visually impaired people. OTON GLASS transforms text taken by camera attached to glasses to voice using image recognition engine on cloud. With the partnership, Oton Glass will expand organization toward mass production and improve UI/UX of the glasses receiving support from JINS, which has manufactured and sold glasses and sensing eye-ware, “JINS MEME”. (in Japanese)

2. Liberaware (Season 10) launches rental service of indoor inspection drone from April

A drone for inspection in small space such as under the floor, under the roof, and raceway has great demand to decrease load of workers, improve inspection quality, and to reduce risk to check up aging infrastructure. Liberaware and its partner resellers lend and manipulate drones developed by Liberaware and creates panorama image from image data taken by the drone, which enables to handle inspection data at once.
Jointly with a large steel company, Liberaware proved usefulness of the drone by running inspection for dark, high, and small spaces in several facilities owned by the company. Ahead of the launch in April, Liberaware has had orders from many plant industry including the steel company. (in Japanese)

3. Crowdcredit (Season 5), social lending platform, starts a fund to support unelectrified area in Nigeria

The fund series will continuously lend money to DA, a Nigerian startup which provides solar home system to individual homes, small retailers, elementary schools, public health centers, and so on in 9 states in Nigeria. (in Japanese)