Monthly Update, June 2022 (Tokyo)

July 5, 2022

1. 7-Eleven begins test operation of vending and recycling umbrellas jointly with GREEN UTILITY (Season 12)

GREEN UTILITY, a provider of IoT-related devices and cloud SaaS services, started with "mocha," a mobile battery rental service, and is now a one-stop DX solution provider, working in the sharing economy and unmanned sales fields. It provides services to electric power companies, major retailers, and manufacturers in Japan.

At the end of February this year, the company officially started test operations of "Re:Kasa," a project for vending and recycling umbrellas in collaboration with Seven-Eleven Japan and other companies. The company hopes to reuse umbrellas and reduce labor costs through this project, as approximately 100 million umbrellas are consumed in Japan each year. (Japanese)

2. EAGLYS (Season 13) establishes TelaAxon and TelaAxon Partners to enable artificial intelligence for special fraud monitoring

EAGLYS, Professor Seiichi Ozawa, Director of Kobe University's Center for Mathematical and Data Sciences, and Ignition Point will establish TelaAxon and TelaAxon Partners, a Kobe University venture company that aims to realize special fraud monitoring using artificial intelligence based on the results of research, including privacy protection data analysis technology, which Professor Ozawa is leading.

According to the Metropolitan Police Department, there were approximately 14,000 cases of special frauds and the annual damage amounted to approximately 27.8 billion yen in 2021, including bank transfer scams via telephone or the Internet, in which unspecified persons who have no prior acquaintance are tricked into depositing cash into savings accounts of criminals.

Current measures against special fraud focus on alerting the elderly, who are more likely to become victims, and have not yet led to a drastic solution through technology. TelaAxon and TelaAxon Partners, in collaboration with financial institutions, aim to achieve a drastic solution to special fraud by using artificial intelligence to monitor special fraud. (Japanese)

3. PJP Eye (Season 15) won the Most Disruptive Technology Award with 100,000 GBP prize money by BP, ADNOC, and Euqinor hosted by TechX Accelerator

This award was given by BP, ADNOC, and Equinor, the strategic partners of TechX managed by Net Zero Technology Center. PJP Eye’s technology was highly evaluated to realize the world with the NetZero.

PJP Eye’s carbon batteries are disruptive for 3 reasons, production (flexible and sustainable materials that solve the dependency on rare metals), performance (rapid charging capability, longevity, and safety), and innovation (dual carbon batteries).

Based on LCA, PJP Eye’s long-life battery would reduce 96% of CO2 generated from the production of NMC lithium-ion batteries in 15 years. As PJP Eye already mass produces its batteries, their effectiveness, and practicality to carbon neutrality were highly recognized by the judges.

4. LIQUID (Season 5) has added an AI screening function in "LIQUID eKYC" to make identity verification work unmanned

“LIQUID eKYC" is an online identity verification service that can be completed online using a smartphone camera. The development of this new function was made possible based on having conducted a cumulative total of more than 10 million identity verifications to date, and having improved the accuracy of image processing technology for checking the quality of captured images and OCR technology for reading the text on identity verification documents.

The AI screening function automates the screening process required for identity verification. It can automatically read the text of the identification documents, match the identity information applied for by the user with the identification documents, check the expiration date and document number of the identification documents, and perform masking of sensitive personal information on the identification documents. (Japanese)

5. 13 startups from Orange Fab Asia exhibited at Viva Technology in Paris

Orange Fab Asia startup flew to Paris to participate in the Orange Fab Network Demo Day on June 14th and Viva Technology, June 15th to 18th.