Monthly Update, June 2021 (Tokyo)

July 16, 2021

1. KDDI invests in Qlue (Season 13), that provides a smart city platform in Indonesia

Through KDDI Open Innovation Fund III (operated by Global Brain Corporation), which aims to incubate new business co-creations with promising venture startups, KDDI invested in PT Qlue Performa Indonesia, a company that provides a smart city platform.

Indonesia is home to the world’s fourth largest population in its vast territory. While it undergoes rapid economic growth, the country is also challenged with issues such as frequent onsets of disasters and illegal acts, both of which derive from underdeveloped urban infrastructure.

Qlue provides a one-stop smart city platform that allows for centralized management of urban infrastructure in Indonesia in terms of detecting, analyzing, and solving issues by means of advanced technologies such as AI and IoT. Through partnerships with many local governments and government agencies in the capital city of Jakarta, as well as private enterprises, Qlue contributes to the improvement of urban functions in different parts of Indonesia.

2. Quantum Operation (Season 12) participates in AstraZeneca’s exploratory study to build a predictive model for the onset of Interstitial Lung Disease (ILD)

AstraZeneca will start an exploratory study (“iDETECT study”) in June to build a model to predict the development of interstitial lung disease (ILD) in patients with stage III unresectable non-small cell lung cancer treated with imifinzi after chemoradiation.

The iDETECT study aims to create an environment where appropriate medical services can be provided before ILD becomes serious in the future, by detecting ILD in its early stages based on data collected using wearable devices, which Quantum Operation provides, and other means. (in Japanese)

3. Spectee (Season 2) forms business partnership with U.S. video content marketplace, StringersHub, to strengthen content delivery for user-generated content

Spectee Inc. has agreed to partner with StringersHub Inc., a company that operates a media platform that connects professional content creators and freelance journalists with editors and broadcast media from over 130 countries.

Through the AI disaster prevention and crisis management solution, “Spectee Pro”, Spectee developed a patented AI technology that can collect and analyze large amounts of information including posts on social media. The information is provided to government agencies, local governments, private companies, and news organizations in real-time. This solution enables them to receive essential information from various categories like weather, traffic disaster, crisis management, incidents, accidents, and so on.

4. Triple W Japan (Season 8) announces sales of next generation models of defecation prediction device “DFree”

We have been improving our products based on the feedback we have received from our customers, and we have achieved a significant downsizing and cable-less design with the next-generation model. Compared to the previous model, the DFree is much easier to wear and has significantly improved functions, making it a more user-friendly product not only for corporations in the nursing and medical fields, but also for individual customers for daily use and home care. (in Japanese)