Monthly update, June 2017 (Tokyo)

March 22, 2022

1. Spectee (Season 2) announced a partnership with AP to distribute video contents to media around the world

The Associated Press announced a content collaboration with Spectee, the Tokyo-based online news agency that specializes in curating and publishing user-generated content in real time. All AP Video Hub clients will be able to view Spectee’s video news content, which includes real-time news and entertainment events in Japan and worldwide. This adds a new dimension to the existing UGC already available through Video Hub.
By using artificial intelligence with their patented technologies, Spectee is able to considerably reduce the time taken to analyze and sort user-generated video and images on social media. All content is verified, with licenses acquired for publishing by broadcasters and digital publishers.

2. NetLED (Season 1) starts PoC for full color IoT smart lighting

NetLED, IoT device control system provider announced to start PoC (Proof of Concept) of full color IoT smart lighting for 1 year in Okayama Prefecture. NetLED’s IoT Smart Lighting will be integrated into 20 existing street lamps in a shopping street which allows lightings to follow people based on speed they walk, to control color and volume of light depending on season and weather to create comfortable space, and to communicate various information of the shopping street with voice from the lighting or by connecting with digital signage on the street…

3. Viva Technology was held in Paris from June 15th to 17th in which 5 Orange Fab Tokyo startups joined

The large tech conference welcomed over 68,000 attendees and 6,000 startups. Pirika (Season 6), Chikaku (Season 7), and Hatapro (Season 7) participated in Orange Fab International Demo Day held on 16th to exhibit demos in Orange’s booth. In addition, Cerevo (Season 6) and MoBagel (Season 6) also joined in the event through invitation from other sponsor and organizer to exhibit for the three days.