Monthly Update, July 2021 (Tokyo)

August 5, 2021

1. JR East Group and Liberaware (Season 10) establish Joint Venture aiming for DX in maintenance management with ultra-compact drones

Liberaware, JR East Startup, and JR East Consultants will establish CalTa Corporation on July 1, 2021, as a joint venture to acquire point cloud data and digitize the railroad and infrastructure industries.

CalTa will mainly provide a service to acquire images and point clouds of narrow spaces that are difficult for people to enter using a small drone developed by Liberaware, and a service to generate three-dimensional data such as point clouds from video and continuous photographs and visualize them according to the application. Through these services, we support the realization of digital transformation in the railroad and infrastructure industries. (in Japanese)

2. Enterprise wireless mesh of PicoCELA (Season 11) makes port facilities Wi-Fi ready

PicoCELA, with the help of Mikawa Bay Network and SCSK, has successfully Wi-Fi-enabled Laguna Marina’s maritime facilities, including the clubhouse and mooring pier.

As the globalization of distribution and tourism progresses, advanced port facilities are attracting attention. In particular, marinas and other marine recreational bases are attracting attention for their improvement and expansion in anticipation of the future expansion of demand for offshore recreational activities in line with the development of a new way of working that is not restricted by work locations.

Nowadays, it is no exaggeration to say that Wi-Fi communication within boats and yachts moored in such marina facilities is indispensable. However, the development of Wi-Fi communication environment in marinas had to overcome some difficulties compared to the case on land. PicoCELA’s wireless mesh solution overcomes this difficulty. (in Japanese)

3. Holoeyes (Season 8) conducts demonstration experiment for remote surgical support in the dental field using 5G and XR technologies

Holoeyes, in cooperation with Dental Prediction and Softbank, will conduct a demonstration experiment on “Verifying the effectiveness of XR dental surgery support in 5G networks” from July 12, 2021.

In this demonstration experiment, a supervising doctor in Tokyo will provide guidance on diagnosis and treatment as well as surgical support to young dentists in Osaka through VR and AR images by utilizing 5G, XR technology and 3D printing technology. (in Japanese)

4. Spectee (Season 2) selects to advance disaster management

Spectee Inc., the Tokyo-based RaaS (Resilience-as-a-Service) company, announced a new partnership with, the world’s only Weather Intelligence Platform™. will collect, aggregate and process meteorological and relevant weather data for the “Spectee Pro” dashboard, which helps users visualize events. The parties will also collaborate on disaster prediction and simulation.