Monthly Update July 2020 (Tokyo)

August 5, 2020

1. Anti-ad fraud tool, “Spider AF” (Season 12) launched a service for web advertising

While domestic digital ad spending in 2019 grew fast to surpass the spending of TV ads for the first time with 2.1 trillion yen, it faces many challenges in ad quality, such as ad-fraud and brand safety. Ad Fraud is the fraudulent practice of defrauding digital ad delivery by making it appear as if a human being accessed the ad. Ad-fraud damage detected by Spider AF in 6 months from July to December, 2019 was about 1,67 billion yen and the total damage in Japan is expected to be tens of times greater.

We have been providing services mainly to ad tech companies in the web domain for some time now, but in response to the growing needs of advertisers to ensure the quality and transparency of their digital advertising, we have decided to provide this service. (in Japanese)

2. Jointly with JVC Kenwood, Novars (Season 11) starts to provide a packaged product using MaBeee monitoring battery

This joint project is a product that includes a simple remote control for TVs (JVC brand) made by JVC Kenwood Corporation and the “MaBeee Mimamori Battery” in a package. No special equipment or construction work is required to use the TV remote control and the monitoring service can be used easily. You can check the operation status of the remote control unit of your family members who live far away from you via a smartphone (special application) to know their safety. (in Japanese) (in Japanese)

3. Aquabit Spirals (Season 3) joins in a self-driving bus demonstration in Otsu City with its contact-less technology, “Smart Plate”

Aquabit Spirals, which is developing a service called Smart Plate that uses QR code and NFC technology to link a user’s smartphone to a specific URL, will participate in a self-driving bus demonstration in Otsu City, Shiga Prefecture. This is a demonstration experiment using level 3 self-driving buses developed by Otsu City and Keihan Bus, which have been adopted by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry and the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism for the “Smart Mobility Challenge,” a social implementation project for new mobility that is being developed nationwide.

Nihon Unisys will provide the acquisition of the bus’s OD information (origin-destination information), which is necessary when passengers get on and off the bus, and Aquabit Spirals will provide the functions of ride authentication, fare collection and MaaS linkage. (in Japanese)

4. Voice emotion analytics AI, Empath (Season 9) received the 10th Japan-U.S. Innovation Awards

Empath, a developer of voice-emotional AI, has won the Japan – U.S. Innovation Awards, co-sponsored by US – Asia Technology Management Center of Stanford University and the Japan Society of Northern California. Five innovative startups from Japan were selected for this year’s Japan – U.S. Innovation Awards, and Empath was a featured speaker at the 2020 Innovation Showcase, held online on July 22, 2020. (in Japanese)