Monthly update July 2018 (Tokyo)

March 22, 2022

1. Liquid (Season 5), biometric authentication, raises 30M USD

Liquid develops biometric authentication system and various products utilizing the technology. The startup announced fundraising of 30 million USD from several corporations including SBI Investment, Tokyo Marine and Nichido Fire Insurance.
At the same day, Liquid announced that it will start PoC of LIQUID KYC with SBI Sumishin Net Bank, which enables to complete identity confirmation online. LIQUID KYC is based on authentication technology utilizing image recognition and machine learning which Liquid has developed. It aims to allow customers to start using online banking services such as opening account and payment immediately. (in Japanese)

2. BONX (Season 6), earphone-based communication tool, raises 4M USD from Ricoh and announces partnership

BONX is a new kind of communication tool that combines the proprietary earphone and app to let you talk freely at any distance, in any environment. With the partnership, it will take advantage of Ricoh’s customer touch points to expand BONX’s product. Also, Ricoh will adopt BONX’s technologies into their products such as interactive white board as well as utilize big data of voice communication to improve office environment. (in Japanese)

3. Empath (Season 9), emotion analytics AI, raises 3M USD

Empath Inc. raises about $3M from SX capital and SBI Investment for the development of new call center AI and expansion into global market. Empath develops AI to analyze emotion from human voice. It has been used by about 1000 companies in 50 countries since it does not depend on language by analyzing physical characteristics of voices such as speed, pitch, and tone. (in Japanese)

4. Orange Fab Asia held a pitch competition in Sydney

Orange Fab Asia held the first pitch competition in Sydney, Australia jointly with Innovation Dojo, which provides a program, a platform and a community connecting students and entrepreneurs with world class mentors and opportunities across JAPAC. The winner, Tiliter, automatic product identification at the supermarket checkout, will be invited to the next Tokyo Demo Day to be held in November 2018.