Monthly update. July 2017 (Tokyo)

March 22, 2022

1. Video analytics platform, SCORER provider, Future Standard (Season 7) fundraised 2M USD

SCORER allows to combine and use high-end video analytics engines on cloud easily at a low cost by partnering with large system developers and advanced AI startups. Future Standard plans to use the money for marketing to acquire new customers and PR to increase the brand awareness. Japanese)

2. BONX (Season 6) sells extreme communication gear, BONX Grip in the USA to start global expansion

BONX Grip is a stylishly designed (yet comfortable and rugged) Bluetooth earpiece to allow a group-talk in real time. Since its launch in December 2016 in Japan, the number of users is reaching 10,000 mainly of extreme sports users including winter sports, cycling, kayak, fishing, running, and survival games. (in Japanese)

3. ABEJA (Season 1) launches a package solution for manufacturers based on ABEJA Platform

The package solution automates and streamlines inspection of procured parts and finished products, failure prognosis of manufacturing equipment, counting number of parts, and management of goods in process and inventory at warehouse utilizing Deep Learning and other technologies. (in Japanese)

4. Sumida River Fireworks Festival uses information from SNS provided by Spectee (Season 2) for security

Spectee extracts information such as accidents, troubles, traffic and weather around the fireworks venue in real time from a vast amounts of posts on SNS with image analytics and natural language processing technology using AI to make use for security at the festival. The fireworks organizer also plans to utilize the social media data to analyze the flow of people and issues of security for the future operation. (in Japanese)