Monthly Update, January 2022 (Tokyo)

February 3, 2022

1. Holoeyes (Season 8) conducted PoC of international teleconferencing in the medical field using 5G networks and XR technology

Holoeyes, jointly with Dental Prediction, has conducted an international teleconference experiment to connect doctors and dentists in Japan and Singapore by using Holoeyes' medical image display service "Holoeyes XR" and online tele-sharing conference service "Holoeyes VS". This is the world's first international telemedicine conference in VR space using 5G network.

Using the 5G Garage, a 5G experimental facility of SingTel, a major telecommunication company in Singapore, and NTT DOCOMO's 5G Open Lab®Yotsuya, and with the local support of NTT DOCOMO ASIA, the teleconference was conducted in two sessions connecting Japan and Singapore via 5G network. (Japanese)

2. SB C&S and obniz (Season 15) have jointly developed "Sense Connect," a low-cost and easy way to realize enterprise IoT

SB C&S and obniz have jointly developed "Sense Connect," an IoT service that enables companies to easily realize IoT at a low cost with sensor solutions packaged with devices and services. As the first service package, "Sense Connect for HACCP temperature management", which will be used in food sanitation management, is launched.

Sense Connect is a sensor solution that packages devices such as sensors and obniz gateways to be attached to devices and locations that you want to manage, and cloud services such as data visualization and notification, to provide a one-stop solution for corporate IoT. Data on measured values and ambient conditions from various Bluetooth-equipped sensors can be collected and aggregated in batches on the obniz gateway, which is a cloud-based version of the sensor's firmware. The data can be checked via Wi-Fi or cell phone wireless communication, through visualization tools such as the user's PC or tablet, or through notification functions such as e-mail. (Japanese)

3. Toletta Cats (Season 9), in cooperation with NEC, launches "waneco Talk Toletta Option," a service that notifies cat elimination information via LINE

Tolleta is a "cat health check service" that automatically measures six types of data when a cat enters the toilet: weight, urine volume, urine frequency, number of times the cat enters the toilet, time spent in the toilet, and elapsed time. The "waneco Talk Toletta Option," combines NEC's "waneco talk," a service that allows users to receive information about their pets via LINE messages, and Toletta to notify owners of cats that have defecated in Toletta via LINE. (Japanese)