Monthly Update January 2019 (Tokyo)

February 7, 2019

1. Toilet timing predicting device, DFree, a product of Triple W Japan (Season 8) receives 4 awards at CES in Las Vegas

DFree receives CES “Innovation Awards – Fitness, Sports and Biotech, IHS Markit “Innovation Awards – Fitness, Wearables and Health Devices”, Engadget “Best of CES – Digital Health and Fitness”, and iPhone Life’s Best of CES 2019 Award

2. Group-talk device, BONX (Season 6) and emotion analysis, Empath (Season 9) starts collaboration

Conversation data acquired through BONX for BUSINESS will be analyzed by Empath to visualize mental condition of remote workers. BONX for BUSINESS allows group communication among up to 30 people with smartphone and BONX Grip or any other microphone embedded earphones. Voice emotion analytics AI, Empath analyzes voice obtained from BONX for BUSINESS to visualize motivation and detect members who are psychologically depressed. (in Japanese)

3. Spectee (Season 2) jointly develops multi-language disaster information delivery service with Kobe City

Spectee is selected for Urban Innovation KOBE, a project by Kobe City to solve local problems with startups. The project aims to communicate disaster information and evacuation information smoothly by text and voice with multi-language to the local residents. Spectee has developed AI technologies such as collecting and analyzing disaster information and writing texts automatically with the collected information, and AI announcer. Combining these AI technologies, Spectee will develop and provide disaster information delivery service in the project. (in Japanese)