Monthly Update, February 2022 (Tokyo)

March 7, 2022

1. JAXA-approved space venture Tenchijin (Season 15) begins demonstration experiment to determine potential leakage areas of water pipes from satellite images

Tenchijin, a startup that uses space big data to find the value of land, will begin a demonstration experiment that uses satellite images to estimate where water supply seems to be leaking. This will be conducted jointly with the Toyota City Water and Sewerage Bureau in Aichi Prefecture and Fuji Chichu Joho, which operates a water leakage inspection and underground exploration business, and will cover the entire Toyota City area from February 1, 2022 to late March 2023. (Japanese)

2. HADO field by meleap (Season 11) opened in Niigata Prefecture as part of the “5G x AR Sports” project!

The “5G x AR Sports” project utilizes 5G for the HADO communication system to develop an ultra-low latency, high-definition video distribution service. The project will deliver high-definition and realistic images of matches and provide a new spectator experience.
HADO is an AR sport in which players wear a head-mounted display on their heads and arm sensors on their arms. The player activates energy balls and shields with his or her hands, moves freely around the field, and enjoys playing up to three-on-three matches while collaborating with friends. (Japanese)

3. Holoeyes (Season 8) raises funds from Gakken Capital, an investment project managed by Gakken Holdings

Holoeyes is a medical IT venture founded in October 2016 by surgeons and engineers to develop Holoeyes MD, medical imaging software, that computer processes imaging information obtained from diagnostic imaging devices such as CT and MRI to provide medical care. The product has the capability to perform three-dimensional image processing and can also be used in conjunction with a head-mounted display for spatial presentation.
The Gakken Holdings Group publishes medical and nursing books, and is also engaged in the educational business in the nursing and medical fields. With this financing, Gakken Holdings aims to accelerate the development of content and services that dramatically increase the effectiveness of education and learning by incorporating our VR technology into its educational content, thereby providing new experiential value to its customers. (Japanese)

4. RevComm (Season 15) adds speech emotion recognition to visualize negative and positive emotions in conversations on its MiiTel, a speech analytics AI phone

MiiTel is a speech analytics AI telephone service. MiiTel analyzes the content of conversations and provides highly accurate feedback to improve the success rate and closing rate of business negotiations in telemarketing and contact center operations. In addition to eliminating the black box situation of not knowing “what” and “how” the customer and the person in charge are talking, the automatic transcription function reduces the burden of taking analog minutes.
The newly added speech emotion recognition function uses DNN (Deep Neural Network) to estimate the emotion of speech using speech features of voice, and words and word reliability obtained by speech recognition as input. Specifically, speech that is “unconvinced,” “dissatisfied,” “not enthusiastic,” “hesitant,” or “attacking the other person’s fault or rude attitude” is judged to be “negative. On the other hand, if the speaker is “happy” or “grateful,” it is judged as “positive. The results are displayed on MiiTel’s analysis screen as orange and blue gradient bands. (Japanese)

5. HACARUS (Season 12) obtains medical device manufacturing and sales license

HACARUS, the leading provider of big insights from small data, announced that it has successfully obtained the “Type 2 Medical Device Manufacturing and Sales Business License” and “Medical Device Manufacturing Registration Certificate” from Kyoto Prefecture on February 3, 2022.
The ongoing corona pandemic has put strain on an already burden healthcare system in Japan, where a lack human specialists to perform diagnosis means that demand for cancer screening is ever increasing – with these new licenses HACARUS takes another step to bring its novel AI solutions to assist in this crucial work.