Monthly Update February 2019 (Tokyo)

March 13, 2019

1. ABEJA (Season 1) and SMRT to Collaborate on Deep Learning Initiatives

ABEJA Singapore Pte. Ltd.(“ABEJA Singapore”), a local subsidiary company of ABEJA, Inc.(“ABEJA”), a provider of AI solutions leveraging machine learning (“ML”), and SMRT Momentum Ventures Pte Ltd, a subsidiary of SMRT Corporation Ltd.,(“SMRT”), a major public transport company in Singapore, have announced collaboration, and started R&D utilizing Deep Learning technology in the safety management area of transportation industry.

2. Iwasaki Electric starts to sell IoT Smart Switch co-developed with NetCONNECT (Season 1)

Iwasaki Electric starts to sell IoT Smart Switch “Link-S2” which is co-developed with NetCONNECT. In order to make lighting smart, you needed to change lighting itself to a specific smart lighting system, but “Link-S2” system enables to use existing lighting as a smart lighting by just replacing a switch on the wall with Link-S2 switch. (in Japanese)

3. Spectee (Season 2) develops disaster prevention information service jointly with Japan Weather Association

Spectee has a service with AI automatically collecting image, video, and text of accidents or disaster uploaded on SNS to provide to news media. The startup jointly develops a service with Japan Weather Association to analyze image and video taken by weather camera with AI to detect whether it is rain or snow, how much snow are accumulated, or how bad the visibility is. Spectee provides the information to road administrators and local governments in real-time. (in Japanese)

4. Liquid (Season 5) and Panasonic co-develops unmanned sales showcase

The unmanned showcase is in PoC at inspired.Lab launched in Mitsubishi Estate Otemachi Building. The showcase allows users who have registered fingerprint to open the door of the showcase by putting fingers over biometric authentication sensor provided by Liquid. If the user holds items, RFID reader provided by Panasonic trace them. And then, the item and price are shown on display on the showcase through payment solution “PASS” linked with Liquid’s biometric authentication to complete purchase. (in Japanese)