Monthly update, February 2018 (Tokyo)

February 28, 2018

1. BONX (Season 6) finalized the series A round raising total of 450M Yen (4.2M USD)

BONX develops BONX Grip, an ear piece allowing group conversations between outdoor athletes. The investors include Keio Innovation Initiative, Innovation Engine, Rion (hearing aid manufacturer), and others. With the capital, BONX aims to accelerate global expansion of BONX Grip and enhancing functions of BONX for BUSINESS, group communication tool for business, which was launched in December 2017 as well as joint R&D and marketing with new investors. (in Japanese)

2. Pirika (Season 6) won Minister of the Environment Award at Cleaning Award 2018

Pirika is tackling the global litter problem with the power of science and technology. Pirika received Minister of the Environment Award at Cleaning Award 2018 organized by Japan Cleaning Association. Pirika is recognized for visualizing litter as an environmental problem utilizing advanced technologies such as AI and SNS to encourage many people to participate in cleaning activities as well as having a great impact on governments’ measures and policy. (in Japanese)

3. ABEJA (Season 1) and NUS collaborate to promote AI research and education

ABEJA SINGAPORE PTE LTD, a wholly-owned subsidiary of ABEJA Inc. that develops AI business solutions utilizing deep learning, and the National University of Singapore (NUS) Business Analytics Centre (BAC) are pleased to announce the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) on February 21st of 2018, with the aim of conducting joint R&D and talent development projects in the area of artificial intelligence (AI) in Singapore.
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On the same day, ABEJA also announced official launch of ABEJA Insight for Manufacture enabling automatic inspection, danger detection of machines, or prediction of trouble and ABEJA Insight for Infrastructure enabling anomaly diagnosis or prediction of trouble or demand of infrastructures.

4. 4 startups from Orange Fab Tokyo exhibit Japan Pavilion at 4YFN in Barcelona jointly with 3 other Japanese startups

Japan-based 7 startups exhibit joint pavilion called the Japan Rising Startups at 4YFN in the Mobile World Congress from February 26th to March 1st, 2018. This project of the first-ever 4YFN Japan pavilion was led by Aquabit Spirals, which was chosen as one of the IoT Top 8 finalists at 4YFN Awards last year, and a member of Orange Fab Tokyo season 3 program. 3 other startups in the same season of Orange Fab Tokyo join in the initiative responding to a call from Tomohiro Hagiwara, the CEO of Aquabit Spirals.

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