Monthly Update, December 2021 (Tokyo)

January 11, 2022

1. Quantum Operation (Season 12) forms a business alliance with Itochu Techno-Solutions (CTC) to jointly develop an AI healthcare platform

In this business alliance, CTC will build and provide a platform that enables AI to predict future health status based on vital information acquired by Quantum’s wearable terminals, thereby fostering health awareness. CTC will develop an algorithm to predict the future health status based on the vital information. In addition to vital information, CTC plans to import health checkup and employment-related data from external systems, which will further improve the prediction accuracy. (Japanese)

2. Tech sports provider, meleap (Season 11) had a capital and business alliance with Interwoos

Since its founding in 2014, meleap has been developing HADO around the world based on its vision of “bringing dreams and hope to the world through tech sports.” As of July 2021, meleap has opened 80 permanent franchise locations in 36 countries around the world and has grown to a cumulative total of 2.5 million players.
Interwoos has been growing day by day with its business philosophy of “creating jobs through incubation of people and companies, contributing to the betterment of Japanese society, and working towards the realization of a sustainable society. The two companies will start a partnership in the following areas, matching their desire to continue to give courage and hope to the world through the Corona disaster.
(1) Providing opportunities to sell HADO system licenses on Interwoos’ network
(2) Consulting and advice on how to make HADO a major player (Japanese)

3. JAXA Startup Tenchijin (Season 15) wins Copernicus Masters BayWa Smart Farming Challenge 2021

By winning Copernicus Masters BayWa Smart Farming Challenge 2021, Tenchijin collaborates with ESA (European Space Agency) and BayWa, a German organization with a strong presence in the global agriculture market, to develop solutions for efficient and sustainable agriculture by leveraging state of the art AI technology and Copernicus satellite data. Moreover, Tenchijin was granted by ESA access to high spatial, temporal and spectral resolution commercial data for free. These data are part of the Copernicus Climate and Land monitoring services.

4. Voice-analyzing AI phone, MiiTel, of RevComm (Season 15) is adopted by public health centers across Tokyo

RevComm, a company that uses voice technology and AI to solve communication problems, announced that its voice analysis AI phone, MiiTel, has been adopted by all public health centers in Tokyo and will be used to make calls to patients who have tested positive for the new coronavirus infection.
MiiTel is a system that combines IP telephony, automatic transcription, and voice analysis in one package to improve the efficiency of telephone operations. It can be used on a PC without a landline phone. For example, AI automatically analyzes the content of the call, transcribes and summarizes it, and has various other functions that can be used in sales and call centers. (Japanese)