Monthly Update, August 2022 (Tokyo)

September 2, 2022

1. Zest (Season 7), providing a solution for the shortage of human resources in the home healthcare industry, raises approximately 760 million yen (5.4M USD) in funding

”ZEST" is a cloud service that automates the home healthcare scheduling process, which used to be handled by paper and Excel, and improves operational efficiency by assigning "staff to be visited" at "the right time" by the "shortest route".

What came to light through interviews with more than 700 companies and through sleeping and eating together with home healthcare workers was the heartbreak that "daily schedule coordination is too painful" for those in charge. In response to their unvoiced concerns, ZEST will use its current service as a starting point to promote DX in the home healthcare industry and work to resolve issues facing society as a whole, such as the shortage of human resources.

With this financing, we intend to actively invest in the development of new services and new functions, in addition to the system and quality enhancements we have been planning for some time.

2. IoT platforms developer, obniz (Season 15), raises a total of 350 million yen (2.5M USD) through a third-party allocation of new shares and bank loans

IoT development requires different expertise and programming languages for hardware design, firmware design, network design, and cloud design and environment construction. In addition, the use of high-performance CPUs and operating systems to improve development efficiency increases the cost of IoT development and operation, and combined with the small number of developers, this has become a bottleneck in the spread of IoT.

In order to solve these issues, we work to promote IoT by providing individuals and corporations with "obniz," an IoT development and operation support system that uses our proprietary firmware-less technology to achieve flexibility and efficiency of development comparable to high-performance CPUs by using inexpensive microcomputers and computing in the cloud.

3. 360°VR, "Spacely" (Season 13) will be introduced for all of Hiroshima Prefecture as a measure for vacant houses

The increase in the number of vacant houses due to the declining birthrate, aging population, and shrinking rural areas has become a social problem. As a solution to this problem, our 360°VR content, which provides easy-to-understand information on vacant houses online at any time and allows people to preview them with peace of mind, was recognized as effective in a demonstration project in Etajima City, and our VR cloud software "Spacely" will be introduced as an implementation support project by the Housing Division of Hiroshima Prefecture and each municipality.

4. HADO Fitness, the world's first futuristic fitness program incorporating the AR sport HADO, will start at HADO ARENA Odaiba in September by meleap (Season 11)

By using the latest AR technology, you can exercise while shooting energy balls from your arms or avoiding flying energy balls, just like in games and cartoons, by wearing a head-mounted display on your head and arm sensors on your arms. You can move your body naturally while immersed in the AR space.

In HADO Fitness, you will spend more than 20 minutes crouching and sidestepping to avoid the energy balls, mainly using your lower body. Unlike traditional training, it's like a game, and before you know it, you're burning fat!