Monthly Update, August 2019 (Tokyo)

March 22, 2022

1. Supply chain management SaaS for trading, Zenport (Season 10) raised 155M Yen (1.5M USD)

Zenport is currently used by companies doing trading in various industries such as apparel, sundry goods, foods, and machinery parts without regard to size of organization from a company with few employees to a large enterprise with over 600 million USD of revenue. Zenport will expand functions as a supply chain management service including business intelligence and communication tools based on insights learned from the current users. (in Japanese)

2. Smartphone OS developer, Amegumi (Season 9) starts PoC in three Asian and two African countries

Amegumi develops Sunblaze OS, which is lower price, longer-lasting, and minimum functions focused on business use. Amegumi started PoC in the below 5 countries.
India: A Japanese company focused on SDGs related service provides the smartphone to local farmers with farming management app pre-installed. The company buys crops from the farmers to sell to rich local people.
Indonesia: A local B2B marketplace company pre-installs its app to provide to retail clerk. The app has micro finance function and Amegumi plans to jointly offer Fintech service such as eKYC.
Myanmar: A company pre-install its app to provide to micro finance service provider and individual shops.
Uganda and Malawi: Inspectors at an international organization doing research on poverty use the smartphone. (in Japanese)

3. Customer engagement platform, Repro (Season 2) establishes a subsidiary in Singapore

Repro is a marketing platform launched in 2015 generating customer engagement. With the fact that it has over 6,500 clients in 59 countries, Repro recognizes there are needs for the service in overseas. Particularly in South East Asia, mobile devices are rapidly spreading where customized marketing activities targeting for each user based on their behavior on web and apps and their profile are needed. Repro platform analyzes the behavior and profile, based on which it enables to implement a series of marketing activities such as push notification, in-app message, web message, and advertisement. (in Japanese)

4. Electricity service for non-electrified area in Africa, WASSHA (Season 5) jointly develops the service with Kansai Electric Power in Tanzania

WASSHA thinks that rental would be the best option for Base of the Pyramid people who do not have a stable income because they could use electricity only when they need it based on their income. WASSHA developed remotely controllable LED lantern and a smartphone app to control the lantern and provides the world’s first electricity service by rental model through kiosks in non-electrified area. In the last 4 years since started, over 1,100 kiosks provides the service. With the partnership, Kansai Electric Power supports providing solar panels and LED lanterns for 7,500 kiosks to accelerate expansion of the service in Tanzania. (in Japanese)

5. Mobile app analytics. Fuller (Season 3) partners with Takeoff Point to accelerate business development in the US

Fuller runs app analytics service, App Ape from 2013 and it has over 5,000 users including tens of customers in Korea, where Fuller launched the service in 2016. Takeoff Point was established in October, 2015 as a US branch of Sony Startup Acceleration Program to support new business by Sony group and other startups in marketing and other business activities. Fuller will expand the service in the US utilizing Takeoff Point’s support such as office space and other resources, marketing research and test marketing, and localization of the product and marketing strategy. (in Japanese)