Monthly update April 2018 (Tokyo)

March 22, 2022

1. TownWiFi (Season 8), Wifi auto connect app developer fundraised 250M Yen (2.3M USD)

TownWiFi app finds free WiFi around you and automatically connect/login to the WiFi. It reduces traffic of mobile to let users to use smartphone without caring about traffic speed limitation by a telecom operator. As of April 2018, over 2.5 million users have downloaded the app and over 2 million WiFi spots are available in Japan, Korea, USA, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Macau.
With the fundraising, the startup had a partnership agreement with Dentsu and Kokusai Kogyo. Jointly with the partners, TownWiFi develops marketing tool to enable monetization for WiFi spots owners. (in Japanese)

2. Chikaku (Season 7), senior-first IoT startup raised 120M Yen (1.1M USD) from Nomura Holdings and others

Chikaku was selected in VOYAGER, an accelerator program run by Nomura Holdings. After joined in the program, Chikaku has had a test marketing to provide its Mago Channel, set-top box to allow seeing grandchildren on TV, for senior customers of Nomura Securities, which can offer new value, “communication with a family”, to the customers in addition to their financial products, which allows them to build up closer relationship with the customers. (in Japanese)

3. Crowdcredit (Season 5), cross-border social lending raised 130M Yen (1.2M USD) from Dai-ichi Life Insurance and Mitsubishi UFJ Capital

Including finance in December 2017, the total amount raised in the series is 530M Yen. Among them, Daiichi Life Insurance positions the investment as ESG meaning Environment, Social, Governance. Crowdcredit raises fund mainly from Japanese individual investors and provides debt capital to business and individuals in emerging countries such as Eastern Europe, Africa and Latin America. Dai-ichi Life Insurance supports Crowdcredit with the capital to create Social Impact to support business, to increase employment and to improve standard of living by lending to micro finance business and renewable energy business in such countries. (in Japanese)

4. ABEJA (Season 1), deep learning platform established a joint venture with CyberAgent

ABEJA established CA ABEJA with CyberAgent, internet advertising company. CA ABEJA develops and sells technologies to optimize advertising creative and to enable customer behavior analytics from seeing advertising to purchase at offline shops as the new feature of “ABEJA Insight for Retail”. (in Japanese)