Fall 2019 Online Demo Day in Taipei on October 29th

November 4, 2020

The Covid19 affects us, we are unable to organize the physical Orange Fab Demo Day. But we organized the online Orange Fab Taipei demo day according to the plan.
At this on-line demo day event, 2 startups are from Japan, 2 from Korea and 3 from Taiwan, they participated in this online event to presenting themselves and showcasing their innovative products and solutions for AI and B2B applications on October 29th as led by Orange Fab Taipei.


  1. HACARUS AI-enabled solutions for the Cloud and Edge Devices (Fall 2019 Tokyo)
  2. Spider Labs AI-driven ad fraud countermeasure tool (Fall 2019 Tokyo)
  3. Seadronix AI-platform for the maritime industry (Fall 2019 Seoul)
  4. Safeware Wearable airbag system (Fall 2019 Seoul)
  5. iWorkplace Energy and environmental optimization through incentivizing its users with gamification (Fall 2019 Taipei)
  6. Survey Cake Enterprise online survey solutions (Fall 2017 Taipei)
  7. Funtek Social chat solution (Spring 2017 Taipei)

Following a 5 minutes prerecorded pitch video, each startup answered questions from the audiences and the experts of Orange. After the pitches from all the startups, the audiences visited their online booth to discuss in more detail.

Please watch the pitch video of the 7 startups on our YouTube channel
We will hold the Spring 2020 Online Demo Day in Tokyo in November 18, 2020.